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Software, Applications, and Apps provided and supported by Kilian IT-Consulting

  • midi2gmn - OpenSource MIDI to GUIDO Library.
  • GUIDOCreator Lite- iPad app for interactive creation of GUIDO MusicNotation Code (iOS, iPad).
  • Schifter - iPhone woodworking tool for calculation miter and bevel angles (iOS, iPhone).
  • ogopogo - context aware music player for ios (iPhone, iPad, iPod-Touch) available at the iTunes App Store.
  • MatchTheTunes - musical puzzle for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod-Touch) available at the iTunes App Store.
  • iMib - Virtual message in a bottle and geocaching game for iOS devices (iOS, iPhone).
  • Sensation Drill - Generate sensation drill exercises for trumpet players (iOS, iPad, iPhone).
  • Delay Wiz - Beat and delay calculator for musicians (iOS, iPad, iPhone).
  • Snare Drill App for iOS - generate snare drum exercises for drummers (iOS, iPad, iPhone).
  • Lesetrainer - Lese- und Rechtschreibübungen für die erste Grundschulklasse  (tvOS, Apple TV). Erhältlich im tvOS Store auf ihrem Appe-TV.
  • Breath Master - Gaming app for practicing long notes. Improve your sound and intonation. Available for iOS (iPad, iPhone)
  • WGW - World's Greatest Warm-Up - Brass player utility created in collaboration with Chris Coletti from Canadian Brass.