Software, Applications, and Apps provided and supported by Kilian IT-Consulting

  • midi2gmn - OpenSource MIDI to GUIDO Library.
  • Trumpet Bingo - Game for brass player to improve their embouchure  iOS Android

  • GUIDOCreator Lite- iPad app for interactive creation of GUIDO MusicNotation Code (iOS, iPad).
  • Schifter - iPhone woodworking tool for calculation miter and bevel angles (iOS, iPhone).
  • ogopogo - context aware music player for ios (iPhone, iPad, iPod-Touch) available at the iTunes App Store.
  • MatchTheTunes - musical puzzle for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod-Touch) available at the iTunes App Store.
  • iMib - Virtual message in a bottle and geocaching game for iOS devices (iOS, iPhone).
  • Sensation Drill - Generate sensation drill exercises for trumpet players (iOS, iPad, iPhone).
  • Delay Wiz - Beat and delay calculator for musicians (iOS, iPad, iPhone).
  • Snare Drill App for iOS - generate snare drum exercises for drummers (iOS, iPad, iPhone).
  • Lesetrainer - Lese- und Rechtschreibübungen für die erste Grundschulklasse  (tvOS, Apple TV). Erhältlich im tvOS Store auf ihrem Appe-TV.
  • Breath Master - Gaming app for practicing long notes. Improve your sound and intonation. Available for iOS (iPad, iPhone)
  • WGW - World's Greatest Warm-Up - Brass player utility created in collaboration with Chris Coletti from Canadian Brass.
  • Trompetenfuchs App, Posaunenfuchs App - brass instrument methods by Stefan Dünser iOS Android

App Support

If you have questions or need suuport for any of our apps please feel fre to send your request as email to support(at)